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>> also tonight at 9. convicted rapist is allowed to go free because the woman he attacked was not married. we'll explain. >> state park money hidden from the public for more than a decade. tonight we learn whether park officials actually broke the law. >> today action is a big deal. >> from farmers to food manufacturers the ground bricking decision to make our food safer. >> reports say lance armstrong >> reports say lance armstrong may publicly admit t
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>> sea of people in petaluma tonight. many so young and so new to the idea of loss.
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carrying candles, lighting the way as they grieve and console one another over the death of local teenager. her body found this morning in a south lake tahoe snow bank. investigators do not suspect foul play. >> good evening. it appears that a wrong turn in the dark and cold may explain how miss burn died after new years eve concert at lake tahoe. she had left a music festival at lake tahoe community college on foot and was presumably headed for her hotel ramp at the horizon resort about 5 miles away. but her body was found at at a spot in the opposite direction. abc 7 news reporter is in lake tahoe tonight and picks up the story from there. >>reporter: the search for 19-year-old me lace burn came to saddened early this morning. 2 utility workers from south lake tahoe found a body along pioneer trail. >> investigators on this case responded to the scene and we just in the last few moments confirmed identity of alyssa.
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i have notified her father. >>reporter: authorities in nevada had been key part of the search because she was headed toward the horizon hotel in lake tahoe, nevada but her body was found about half mile away from the snow globe concert she had been attending which is in south lake tahoe, california. investigators say she may have been disoriented during her walk. >> if she was heading to the horizon in nevada she was going the wrong direction. >>reporter: alyssa body found on the other side of snow berm. investigators say she was fully clothed and no signs of foul my and nothing to lead them to believe she had been hit by a car. but there are still details that have to be ironed out. including one report that she had been seen at the horizon hotel just after the snow globe concert fichlt that person did sea her it is possible that she jumped on a shuttle or got a ride back to the snow globe area so we have got a lot of leg work still to do. >>reporter: investigators are lacking for footprints in the snow and other clue to piece together what happened. although they believe this is
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an accidentally death they will be sending her body to sacramento for a comprehensive forensic autopsy. >> obviously because of this case and the circumstances we want to be as thorough as possible. >>reporter: as part of that autopsy, they will be conducting a toxicology screen to see if they may have had drugs or alcohol in her system n.south lake tahoe, abc 7 news. >> now alyssa burns family doing their best to accept their loss n.a statement released today they said our entire family is devastated. we were still holding out hope that she welcome back found safe. we will miss alyssa and she will be in our hearts forever. >> 2 elderly patients died following outbreak of a virus news mill valley. it sicken them and 57 other people at the red woods on christmas eve. today marin county public health officer confirm the deaths at marin general hospital there have been 3 out bricks of the virus news may
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rip in the last two months. no vaccine for the illness and health officials say good hygiene is the key to prevention. ground breaking decision today by the fda about fad poisoning. medical editor dr. richard vesser on the new rules to keep food safe. >> peanut factory might not have sicken 42. contaminated spinach might not have september 13 to the hospital. 8-year-old nate wouldn't spend 3 day in the hospital because he ate a peanut butter sandwic sandwich. >> stomach cramp i was screaming loud and saying why does this happen to me? >>reporter: two years waiting. finally rules to take the fear of bacterial contamination away from the produce aisle. from the spinach field of california to the peanut production lines of new mexico. food safety specialist have spent two years begging for these regulations. >> today action is a big deal. it's good news for consumers.
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it's good news for food companies. >>reporter: instead of waiting until an outbreak the new rules prevent outbreak happening in the first place. take peanut. to be safe i would want them tested as they leave the field. want them processed at temperature high enough to stop salmonella and. i would want them tested again before released to stores. those sorts of thing now will be there two years. food safety experts are elated. >> for the first time rather than reacting to problems once they happen, fda will be able to prevent problems before people get sick and before food need to be recalled. >> dr. richard vesser. >> federal investigators confirm that chevron own firefighters may have contributed to the richmond refinery fire in august. according to draft report now being circulated for comments and corrections firefighters were able to put out a flash
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fire caused by small hydro-car bop leak but in so doing they may have accidentally punctured a main pipeline releasing much bigger cloud of flammable gas. investigators say the pipeline appears to have been punctured from the outside and they are examining the firefighters tools to determine whether one of them did that. smoke september toxic black smoke, fire did throughout the area an thousands of people sought medical treatment. chevron expects the damned quantity to be back on line in the next few most. >> scandal of hidden surplus cash at the state park department budget is taking a new turn with release of scathing report by the attorney jechbility it turns out the money was hidden for more than 12 years. as we explain. >>reporter: 70 state park were scheduled to shut down last summer because of budget short fall but as the closure were about to happen, a surplus of 54 million dollars was found hidden in two of the agency
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funds. while accounting error were largelyly to blame for the accumulation no, 1 reported the extra money. newer stinging report by the attorney general found 20 million dollars of it partly collected through entrance fees was intentionally concealed. >> sounds like a coverup. >> that's by all accounts there was some covering up that was done. >>reporter: investigators found the failure to report the surplus became conscious and deliberate possibly as early as 1999. top budget accounting officers were all aware of the discrepancy. and numerous individuals failed to take appropriate action. in fact lower level employees just followed orders from supervisors to keep quiet. former state park director ruth coal map who resigned as a result of the scandal declined to participate in the attorney general interrogation. but interview with dozens of employee have led auditors to conclude higher up head
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quarterers were afraid the budget would be cut even more if the extra money were revealed and then were too embarrassed to disclose the problem. >> whether that rises to criminal level or not we are going to have to make that determination. >>reporter: all but one employee heavily involved in the budget scandal left or retired from state government. it's interesting to note that those very same people also concoct add vacation buy-out for dozens of park employee whose got cash for unused leave. state senator mark leno chairs the budget committee. >> we need the public trust and when a situation like this arises it is very detrimental to the public trust in a deputy we all love. department of park and wreck asian. >>reporter: in the end the 70 state park stayed open. lawmakers sent the money on park and policy put in place so that this kind of deception doesn't happen again. in sacramento, abc 7 news. women groups are outraged bay court decision that reverse
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as rape conviction. law makers in the state attorney general say they will make sure this law is changed. until then single women do not have the same protection as the married counter part in certain rape cases. reporter alex michaelson explains. >> picture this. man enters the bedroom of unmarried woman after seeing boyfriend leave late at night he has sex with the woman while pretending to be her boyfriend. according to california appellate judge ruling has the man committed rape? because of historical anomoly in the law and statutory definition of rape, the answer is no. even though the woman had been married and the man him percent natured her husband, the answer would be yes. >> this provision of the law where only aplays to married woman as victim really dates back to the mid 1800. while the legislature has had many opportunities to amend and revise the rape statute, some unexplained reason they never really got around to mending
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this particular statute. >>reporter: night began for the victim identified as jane doe at party drinking several beers. she left the pwaert her boyfriend victor. grabbed some fast-food and headed home where friends joined them. >> according to court documents jane invited her boyfriend to spend the night but since he didn't have a condom they decided against it and she fell asleep. >>reporter: victor then left the room to go back to his house. prosecutors say jane then woke up to sensation of having sex. when the late coming through crack in the bedroom illuminated the person having sex with her she realized it was not victor and tried to push him away. despite the struggle the defendant julio continued the sex and after jane cries eventually left the room. he later told police she probably thought i was her boy friend. appellate judge said the jury that convicted morales may have done so based on bad information from the prosecutors. >> law really requires that that person be some one who
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impersonates her husband. and that was not the specific fact of this particular case. >> impersonation of any one to rape should be a felony. >>reporter: rape victims advocate patty says she's determined to now work with sacramento lawmakers on closing this loop hole. >> i think there is now a heightened interest to take a look at something like this. so i have a feeling that we may able to make a difference on this law. >>reporter: alex michael sop report snooing more to come. convicted stalker learns his fate. graduate from uc berkeley and masters degree from columbia. now the next institute he will attend is state prison. we'll explain why. plus abc 7 news follows up on man busted for conning parking lot patron. tonight we show you his extensive rap sheet. story only on abc 7 news. and spencer is here with the weather. >> all right i'm here accu-weather forecast center.
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freezing cold weather ended but the wet weather about to begin. close-up look at the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thank you sir. >> also tonight new messaging serves facebook that could allow to you call your friends for free forever. >> plus capturing the worst day of obama presidency. stay with
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>> man used hidden camera and computer spyware to stalk his ex girlfriend sentenced to 20 years in prison today. the boyfriend a graduate at uc berkeley terrorized her for months. here's reporter lee paint frer sacramento. >>reporter: jose sophisticated and relentless stalking of ex girl tend put him behind bars for the next 19 years. she requested her face not shown at sentencing. >> over two years i was able to be able to address the court and let them know how i feel in and how i saw things. >>reporter: he was a successful ivy league student. >> he has friends and family who know him at his best when he's succeeding n.our circumstances he was rejected
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and he wasn't in control of the situation. and that's what made him the manipulative, deceptive and scary individual that he was. >>reporter: the victim says he started stalking her after she broke off the relationship in july of 2010. she moved twice but each time would he find he her. each time would he break into her home. ignoring restraining order. stealing personal items. installing hidden videocamera and xawter spyware. >> he took repugnant photograph of her. naked in the shower. naked in the bathroom. >>reporter: he even learned how to disable the victim security alarm system. >> he removed the locking mechanism from her door. created a key so that he could go in and out as he pleased. >>reporter: he claims his action were his temporary lapse in judgment but his victim fears he won't stop unless he's in prison. knowing he lost a way finally gives her some peace. >> i don't think that it will be ever be eth same but the
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healing process starts now. >>reporter: in sacramento, lee painter for abc 7 news. >> well he seems unstoppable. serial con man who preys on drivers along the em back darrow in san francisco. he was reported in 2011 after an arrest but he's still on the streets. now with the america cup coming and more possible victims out there, the question is how can he be stopped? 7 news reporter has story only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: this is the man. he just may most petty theft criminal in san francisco. police have arrested or made contact with this man more than 50 times. this is his rap sheet. the 12 pages long. almost every time he's arrested he spends a short time in jail. then back on the streets doing what he does best. he goes to unattended parking lots with pay station along the embarcadero. he poses as an attendant. collects money from
9:19 pm
drivers as they pull in. making things worse, the drivers often wind up with a ticket on their windshield from parking monitors who check the lots. he was caught on kg o tv security camera as parking attendant grabbed him while he pre-10ed to be one of them. again, he was arrested. but back on the streets just few days later. >> this type of activist absolutely unacceptable. criminal needs to stop. >>reporter: supervisor david district includes embarcadero and fisherman wharf. he's worried that he and other imposter will prey on the millions who will come to the city later this year for the america's cup. >> we are talking to the positive po and city attorney office as well as with law enforcement to figure out if there are ways for to us go improve on our enforcement but as well increase local penalty for this type of activity. >>reporter: da office tells us they have prosecuted him and other con men aggressively but that the reality is these are non-violent misdemeanor and only so much they can do
9:20 pm
legally. district attorney george says parking operators should increase security. >> he needs to put attendant there or puts electronic gate like many other parking lots do where people come in and they have a ticket and they have to pay. >>reporter: parking operators say there are signs at the unattended lots warning drivers and that more security would be ineffective. the president of priority parking which has 27 lots in the city told us the da is making it sound fast this is a business issue. when if you look at the rap sheet of the prime suspect it's clearly a lack of effective prosecution. this man was arrested again november 17. chances are it won't be his last. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> we shall see. stay on top of story. >> weekend arrived spencer here with the forecast. with some rain it sound like. >> it has indeed. we have another challenge. trying to stay dry. live view from the
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high definition he east bay camera. emeryville back across the bay. sky still mainly clear although cloud are just offshore. an we do expect the sky to become cloudy overnight. let's look at live doppler 7 hd you look off to my right here you can see the little formation of clouds well offshore. we have mainly clear skies overland areas at the moment but that is likely to change over nature. temperature readings right now mainly in the 40's. 44 san rafael. 45 oakland 39 concord and chilly spots fairfield in a relatively mild 50 degrees here in san francisco. and these are our forecast feature. rain arrives tomorrow and pretty wet day for most of the day in the evening hours. few showers trailing behind on sunday morning then partial clearing at least for much of the day on sunday and sunny milder on monday tuesday. low drop down to 34 at nap a.35 santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. chilly but not the kind of frigid cold weather we had the last few overnight and early mornings.
9:22 pm
satellite image shows high pressure weakening now giving way to advancing cold front springing up big mass of includes and moisture with it. and rain from this system that will arrive tomorrow. forecast animation 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at that point we see more clouds than we have now and a little bit of rain beginning to touch parts of the north bay. but by later in the day 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon or so 2:00 o'clock we see rain beginning to spread from north to south down past the golden gate on to the peninsula in parts of the south bay later in the afternoon 5:00 o'clock or so we see more wide spread rainfall more concentrated as well. then the cold front sweeps through tomorrow night. showers behind the front even early sunday morning still showers trailing behind which could be locally heavy. but notice how later in the day the showers dissipate giving way to at least partly sunny skies for remainder of the day on sunday. by 5:00 o'clock sunday afternoon we expect rainfall total to be no more than 6/10s in the north bay and 4 tenth or less on the east bay and south bay. meanwhile over in the sierra
9:23 pm
this system that is bringing us rain will not be a big snow producer at all. mostly cloudy lake tahoe tomorrow saturday. sunday some snow but just a little bit and start to clear out again on monday. bounce back to the bay area where tomorrow under wet conditions it's relatively cool as well. up in the north bay high reach only to the upper 40's to up around 50 and low mid 50's over remainder of the bay area up to 57 orso at livermore and san jose. farther south near monterey bay rain will be later to arrive. high pressure there mid upper 50's up to about 58 at salinas and holster. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. again at least partial clearing on sunday. maybe even mostly sunny day if the rain ends early in the morning. mild on monday and tuesday and partly cloudy wednesday and slight chance of showers thursday friday. typical winter week next week. >> thanks very much. >> board a flight you expect the pilot to be sober but that
9:24 pm
was not the case in minneapolis today. that story coming up next. then take a look at this picture y.airliner says passenger had to be deduct taped to his seat. stay with alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches.
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smoo lance armstrong could fess up about the use of banned performance enhancing drugs. "new york times"reports that armstrong is considering a public admission. armstrong denied doping for more than a decade. this october however former cycling team mates told investigators that he used dru drugs and blood transfusions during his career. u.s. anti-doping agency stripped armstrong of his 7 tour de france titles and banned him from competition. if armstrong does admit to doping it would open up the door for a possible return to cycling.
9:28 pm
church of england lift ago ban on gay male clergy f.they live with her partner they can become bishop if they agree to stay celibate. the church issued a statement about women gay bishop. pilot from american eagle arrested after failing a breathalyzer test. christiansen was scheduled to fly from minnesota to north carolina. tsa agents smelled alcohol on him. it was 6:00 a.m. christiansen has been suspended pending an investigation. mean time passengers on flight from iceland to new york took control of a rowdy man and deduct taped him to his seat. literally. the photo taken by one of the passengers. the iceland newspaper says the man drank a bottle of duty free liquor on the flight choked a woman spat on several passengers and started shouting that the plane was going to crash. passengers grabbed him
9:29 pm
and strapped him in. when the flight landed he was arrested but not charged because passengers did not want to come forward. >> still ahead tonight on 7 news at finance:00. new time line on the nouns the of a new secretary of defense. that's next. >> plus band of bay area demonstratorsw3 join prominent law makers in giving thumbs down to the hollywood story of the raid on osama bin laden. >> plus market continuing to heal. economy is continuing to heal. >> things are looking up just ahead hot jobs of 2013. >> new service soon from facebook. free phone calls. facebook. free phone calls. staíáf-
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>> welcome back. good news about the economy tonight. dow jones industrial ample closed today up nearly 500 points for the week. thanks in part to the new jobs report that showed 150,000 jobs added last month in the country. but unemployment stays at 7. 8%. abc news reporter has more. >> wall street capping off first week of the new ye with the bang closing at 5 year high and with that news today that despite all the worry over washington and looming tax i hope creases december saw hiring this year is off and running. last month hiring was especially strong health care and construction but digging that the numbers we can now see some clear liens to where the hot jobs of 2013 will be. topping the list home health care services. up 9 percent since 2010. 25-year-old tiffany field started walking as home aid in april. this economy she never dreamt she could find a job so quickly. >> graduated got jobs. started
9:34 pm
making mhappy about that. >>reporter: also nurse practitioner in high demand as more americans gain health care coverage with the new federal health care law phasing in. so where are the hot spots geographically? detroit for one. yes detroit. anyone lacking for job making cars the motor city is the town for you. with super storm sandy wrecking hundreds of thousands of cars, and auto sales at 5 year high 2013 expected to see even bigger up take in car buying. in the northeast sandy also boosted home construction jobs. but there's also growing need in california and arizona for contractors master carpenter and plumbers and electricians. all in places where homeowners are now more willing to spend monon their homes. from san jose, california to austin and had you stop, texas. >> a lot of that driven by the energy sector and technology sector and again we are
9:35 pm
expecting to see that 10ed growth in the years to come. >> and subject of jobs former senator chuck hagel of nebraska likely to be nominated at secretary of state next week after obama returns from vacation in hawaii according to the wall street journal. >> white house released picture of president obama as he was being briefed about the shootings in newtown, connecticut right after it happened last month. as you can see mr. obama appears to be very somber as he spoke with deputy national security advisor john brennan about this. president later said during a television interview that was quote the worst day of his presidency. >> another point an moment captured by the white house president obama present add purple heart hours after he was hit by aneurysm ed in afghanistan. improvised explosive did he advice. haig seems to be asleep or unconscious. president white period and with eyes still closed sergeant haig as you see here reached his hand out to
9:36 pm
shake with the president. very dramatic. >> controversial new movie open today's about the hunt for osama bin laden. senate intelligence committee wants answers about the making of zero dark 30 and protestors in the bay area are worried that the film sends the wrong message. more now from 7 news reporter mark matthews. movie zero cashing 30 business the hunt for osama bin laden. it is obviously based on true story. narrative strongly suggests that cia water boarding of prisoners is what led to the killing of bin lade laden. outside the amc 16 emeryville members of the world can't wait amnesty international staged a protest. trying to dissuade move aev ie goers from seeing the film. they are worried it will approve of torture. >> have we lost our morale compass. that's how i feel in when i hear this kind of stuff and gloor ification of torture. >>reporter: people come out of the movie had the same reaction as of this. >> it's not a documentary.
9:37 pm
it's basically a work of fiction. >>reporter: filmmaker quick to point out that zero dark 30 is a movie but the cia did provide some assistance. now senators including senator feinstein and mccain are writing the cia acting director what sort of access the film makers were given and what information was obtained through water boarding oren happensed interrogation technique. >> you believe when watching this movie that water boarding and torture leads to information that ladies then to the elimination of osama bin laden. that's not the case. >>reporter: in december the acting cia director called the fill am drama and he added that the strong impression that enhanced interrogation technique were key is a false impression. but some who saw the film today told protestors they were wrong. >> you are on the wrong side.
9:38 pm
>>reporter: linda of oak land was uncertain she thought about water boarding. >> it's really hard to say. >>reporter: i'm asking you basically if you think it's a good thing or not a good think. >> i understand that's what you are asking me and i'm telling you it's a really hard thing to say. >>reporter: director says water boarding did happen in real life and wanted to portray that in the movie however before the movie came out cia told congress water boarding did not provide key intelligence. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. congresswoman spears of san mateo serve as vice chair of the new congressional gun violation protection task forc force. it will investigate new steps congress can take now and in the future to reduce gun violence and prevent shootings like newtown, connecticut. the chair of that committee is democratic congressman thompson from nap a.he is a gun owner and hunter as well. >> bay area soldier who died in iraq will have a post office named in his honor. lieutenant kenneth ballard grew up in
9:39 pm
mount view. bill to rename the local post office after him has passed the senate and will become law. ballard serve entered germany, boss any a-iraq and 3 bronze stars and purple heart. he died in 2004 in iraq. family later learned that lieutenant ballard killed by friendly fire. >> mav on to some business new news. general motors recalling 55 thousands of its 2013 model because they can roll away unexpectedly. model affect republican and democrat on the screen there gm says the cars can be shifted out of park even if the key isn't in the ignition. but add that most vehicle have not yet been sold. dealers will replace the steering column free of charge if necessary. good morning. [applause] actor patrick democracy whose company submitted winning bid at bank situation auction in seattle for the actualy coffee chain. 9.1 million dollars. his goal to percentage things up at actualy and save the 500 jobs.
9:40 pm
>> i feel in tremendous responsibility to this company to my employees and to building this company up stabilizing. i don't think we have to worry about growth. just quality control and customer service. >> although democracy already talks like he owns the place here bankruptcy jump has the final say in one week keep in mind he plays mcdreamy in the abc series gray's anatomy. >> facebook getting into the phone business sort ofth as jonathan explains, facebook is the place to share your thoughts photo obviously and now your voice. >> app is called messenger around for awhile but never really did anything you couldn't also do with the regular facebook app until now. >> i'm using the new facebook messenger app function. >> instead of typing she sends a message by recording her voice. you press hold to record and let go of the button to instantly sen. >> really easy to send, record a voice mail and send it. also
9:41 pm
to accidentally accepted it. so easy to mess it up. >>reporter: some users said they would have fun with. >> accept the dad the voice instead of text message. >>reporter: more permanent. >> exactly. especially in the hotel day, even bigger snaws feature claimed rolling out over the next few week. free internet phone call like skype made right through the app. already available for users in canada. >> connect with any facebook friends you don't need the number. people would find value in that. they might not have somebody number but facebook friend with them here's a way to contact them easily. >>reporter: users we talked were slow to warm-up to the idea of making phone calls through social network. for some the biggest concern was privacy. >> become friends with people i have met but sometimes i'm not really close so-so i don't want them to contact me unless i give them my phone number. >> certainly hope there would be some privacy set wltion could i control how easily people could call me if they had facebook. >>reporter: even those users saw the value in it. >> what i might use it for is
9:42 pm
international calls. those tend to be more expensive. i use skype a lot to make international phone calls. >>reporter: replacing skype like facebook replaced chat room and in some case e-mail all part of founder mark zuckerberg version. >> facebook is about communication and we want to connect people that's big for them. here's another way to connect people. they want people to use their app for everything. they want to be the communication network for people nishtion san francisco, abc 7 news. well still ahead tonight on the news at 9:00. what looks like congressional photo op turns out to be a photo shop. turns out to be a photo shop. stay with us. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
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>> look at this water gushing from a fire hydrant at third and evans in san francisco. one of our viewers sent us this video. we appreciate that. traffic was routed around the mess while firefighters capped off the hydrant. well no more freebie coming to parking on sunday in san francisco. start thanksgiving weekend you have to pay to park from noon until 6:00 o'clock everywhere. city says this will ease congestion and raise needed revenue. two million dollars in the next year. city will not again ticketing until later this month. drivers will be issued warnings for the first 3 sunday. then after that we pay up. >> claiming yosemite half dome certainly very popular goal but today the park approved a plan that permanently limits how many can actually do it. maximum of 400 hike day allowed to make the trek. same number as the interim plan that went that effect in 2010 as way to reduce congestion. house democratic leader pelosi is defending altered
9:47 pm
picture of democratic congress women. here's video from yesterday after the 113 congress was sworn n.women lined up on the capitol steps for group picture. well here's the photo pelosi office released showing 4 house members who arrived too late for the photo. she said it was freezing outside and they couldn't wait for everyone to they just added them digitally. >> still ahead tonight. san francisco rare river otter is really making a splash with visitors. stay with us. latest on sutro [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents.
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>> san francisco rare river otter is turning that a big attraction. sutro sam as he's named since he took up residence near the old sutro bath brought big crowds to the
9:51 pm
area today complete with camera and video recorders to catch him frolicking in the water. he's believed to be the first river otter to make san francisco its home in decade. sam also has a twitter account now of course. one tweet reads yes, i am the cutest don't ever forget. that sea otter have nothing on me. >> you tell them sutro sam. spencer is back. >> he told me skies are clear right now as we look live doppler 7hd absence of clouds and thickening tomorrow state wide we'll be looking at divided weather picture. northern part of the state rainfall and includes bay area southern california will have mainly sunny skies. mild with high pressure in the 60's. but here in the bay area rain will start fairly early in the morning and continue to spread and intensify during the afternoon and evening hours so pretty wet day and cool one. high pressure mainly upper 40's to low 50's for most of the bay area and here's accu-weather 7.
9:52 pm
let me show you southern california first. i forgot. sunny there tomorrow but rain will arrive in the l.a. area on sunday then clear out on monday. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we have a wet day tomorrow partial clearing on sunday and then dry for most of fix week although a slight chance of showers at the end of next week. >> sutro sam need to see the shadow. >> that's good idea? thanks spencer. larry is here huge change in high school sport. >> we could see it coming. but change at the top best high school football program in school footballook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming
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is that coming up tonight at 11:00. tax reif you said delayed. when to expect the check and who you can blame for it. >> new picture of a very young diana. but who is the guy sitting next to her. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. on to sports director larry biel. a
9:56 pm
lot to talk about tonight including big change. >> you know impressive football coach when bill walsh and madden drop in what are you doing over here? we want to check out what you got going on on the field. successful high school coach in the bay area and entire country announced retirement this afternoon. bob lassiter leaving after 34 years. 3 99 wins just 25 losses. 3 time. amazing spartans haven't lost to another northern california team since 1991. highlight of his run, 151 game winning streak. imagine going a dozen years without ever losing a game. crazy. stepping aside at age 58. assistant coach will take over. he was a player under him in the mid 90's. he will stay on as consultant and continue to teach at the school. >> more important for me that the program remain strong than for me to hang object for few
9:57 pm
more years and coach and i was kind of getting tired too and i just didn't think it was fair to him to be basically doing most of the work and not be the head coach. i can't fathom 3 99 wins that's ridiculous. but what i can fathom the impact open the people like me. i wouldn't be sitting here and frankly i shouldn't be sitting here if i wasn't extremely confident that that legacy will continue. >>reporter: denver broncos linebacker williams played for him in the late 90's. he credit the coach with molding him into the person and player that he is today. >> he helped me tremendously at young age. he probably was father figure for a lot of young guys. what i liked about him he didn't sugar coat it. he told what you it really was. >>reporter: how do you replace a gay ick that. >> i don't think you can but his legacy will live open. i feel in like a lot of former players come back and be coaches and i think that's why
9:58 pm
we are so successful. >>reporter: he's right. one of the former players takes over at age 33. rest of the coaching staff remain intact with larry allen his son plays tackle for that school. college football tonight. first game since winning heismann trophy in the cotton bowl. johnny football mania everywhere. get the sign straight. thank you. electric here. he ran for 229 yards and 2 touch downs look tightrope down the side lines. 23 yard scamper something nothing. jones plays final college game. right there to brown. oklahoma down 14-13 at the half but a&m 64 s 20 points in the third. first of 2 touch did you know pass ins the game. cotton bowl record 5 16 total yard of offense and 4 td and only a freshman as coach kevin gets the bath. a and m
9:59 pm
victorious 41-13. 49ers find themselves in similar position last year. second seat in the nfc and fears round by to watch the play thawvs weekend. dave which is key to last year post season success 10 catches for 2 92 yards and 4 touch downs including the game winner against new orleans saints. great game. opposing defense though have blanketed dave thinks year so in the as productive offensively only 41 reception and 5 td. davis vividly remembers the disappointment of fall one victory shy of super bowl a year ago. >> we get another shot. kind of like we are in the same seat since last year but except for what we got a lot more weapons and we are fired up and ready to play. >> unemployment didn't last long. he agreed to deal to become the new head coach of the chiefs. reid was fared by the eagles after 14 seasons. keep in mind he has had 5 different coaches in the spab. reid takes over 2 and 14 team chiefs have the

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